If These Walls Could Talk, They’d Sing: Cassette Tape Hut Is Not Quite Home

If you happen to have roughly seven thousand cassette tapes sitting around in your house (check your parent’s attic), consider making a little … house? Emmet McNamara, a student of architecture at the Edinburgh College of Arts, constructed a humble four wall structure made entirely out of old cassette tapes and strung together with wire and zip ties for a school project.

I guess it should go without saying that the “house” is not exactly meant to be lived in unless you’re the hipster brother of those two naive pigs who stupidly made their own houses out of straw and twigs (responsible pigs make their houses out of bricks – duh). It’s a cool piece of artwork nonetheless and especially since the cassettes are organized according to color and genre.

On his website, Emmet uploaded a picture of one of the first rough sketches of the model.

It shows how he had initially planned to put a roof on top of the four walls. Instead he decided let rows of cassettes run across the top with spaces in-between each – maybe to let some sun in. It’s strange to me that he decided to forgo putting in a door. It would have been cool to see both sides of the walls. At the top of the page, you can see the number of cassettes he estimated would be used for the house.

This is a fully rendered computer image of the house that shows the changes eventually made to the roof. It gives me a headache thinking about how long it must have taken to tie all the cassettes together – and then to take them all apart. But alas, such is the ephemeral and transient nature of all things, something that the relevance of the cassette knows all too well.

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Via: ArchDaily