Gruesome Steampunk Hand of the Artist Wine Stoppers

Steampunk art is usually heavy and loaded with references to history, culture and the human condition.

However, sometimes it can also take a rather funny yet gruesome role when trying to explain and reflect on human efforts at making the world a better place with technology. Scott Nelles’ Hand of the Artist wine stoppers is one of those gory Steampunk products that will get the attention of everyone who sees it. If you purchase these wine stoppers, you could expect to be asked questions about what it means, why they looks so gruesome and if you encourage violence by any chance.

These stoppers fit the average vino vessel and can be a great opportunity to brag about your knowledge about Steampunk movement, Victorian ethics and the sense of futurism that only geeks can understand. The bronze casting wine stoppers are made individually by the artist himself, after casting each of his left fingers.

The reason behind this is he is a left-handed artist and perhaps is trying to tell the world that an artist’s hand can be the source of some of the most intoxicating and high-inducing moments of your life, literally. Each time you remove the wine stopper from vino vessels, you would be reminded that it is because of an artist’s finger that you are able to get high and have fun. Perhaps these wine stoppers forge a bridge between the ancient, the violent, the artistic and the geeky. They can be purchased from Etsy for $39.

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