Conan O’Brien Turns Superhero With His Own Action Figure

Given the fact that there has been so much publicity, gossip, and rumor over the recent moves of Conan O’Brien, I’m not too surprised that his image has come out of that whole mess squeaky clean. So clean, in fact, that one designer decided that he needed his very own super hero action figure. As you can see, the result is pretty impressive, although I am not so sure he’d be willing to wear the fishnet stockings.

The action figure is based off of a personal super hero that was created by him by designers at Warner Brothers Animation. His official character name is the Flaming C. He comes equipped with a “belt to hold his Blackberry, an oven mit that always produces steam, a jai alai glove, fishnet stockings, socks with garters and golf shoes.” You might also notice the Star of David, which was added to “include everyone.” Listed below is the sketch drawn by Bruce Timm. His actual powers appear to be a bit of a mystery, but I’m sure they still have plenty of time to flesh that out.

I would love to have the ability to pump out my own action figures, but the packaging and figure itself are all custom made. The designer sent it off to the studio in hopes that Conan would feature it in his show. I would keep my eyes out, too, because the figure and packaging both look awesome. I hope he does decide to bring it on!

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Via: Nougat