25 Cool Coffee Mugs For Geeks

We love coffee since we prefer to spend our time doing other things except sleeping, such as watching movies, playing video games or reading. But a good coffee needs a great mug and since we enjoy making our passions known to others, the mug itself should show our interests. See if you can find your perfect mug from these great choices.

Whether you want to make someone a gift they’ll appreciate or simply want to keep it for yourself, here are some of the most amazing mugs we could find on the internet for those of us with geeky pursuits.

Star Wars R2D2 Coffee Mug

The lid can help the liquid inside stay warm for a longer time and it can also be used for storing candies, pennies or other items. It costs $19.99 and is officially licensed Star Wars merchandise so it is great for all fans of the universe.

Star Wars Darth Vader Coffee Mug

This mug looks truly amazing and comes with photo quality graphics as well as a thick, curved design. Costing $12.31, it features one of the most iconic characters in cinema and on the back it has the message “you don’t know the power of the dark side!” written in red.

Star Wars Yoda Coffee Mug

A hilarious message from Yoda is always welcomed and the green tone on the mug is certain to relax your thoughts and brighten your day. With a capacity of 11 ounces and a price of $14.99, this would be a terrific gift for Star Wars fans, but can be great for anyone with a sense of humor.

Star Trek Enterprise Ceramic Coffee Mug

With a photo quality logo of the Starship Enterprise on a black or blue background, this mug will be a wonderful gift for any Trekkie and for $10.11 you get a really well made piece of memorabilia. You can put it in the microwave or dishwasher and nothing will happen to it.

 2-Player Gaming Mug Set

ThinkGeek made these exclusive mugs with the aesthetic of a Super Nintendo console and one of them has the Player 1 sign while the other is for Player 2, so you can drink your coffee at the same time without any arguments. These are ideal gifts for those old-school gamers and they are bound to bring back some great memories. If you know someone who still has a Nintendo console then you should immediately get them a set of mugs like these since they are only $14.99.

Level-Up Pipe Mug

If you recognize this pattern then you are a Super Mario fan since these look like the pipes from that game except there aren’t any carnivorous plants coming out of them. At the price of $12.99 they will certainly level up your or your friends’ day.

Ready Player 1 Heat-Change Mug

This heat-changing mug will say “ready player 1 start!” when it is filled with hot liquid, while when it is empty the message says “game over refill? Yes No”. The material makes it usable for hand wash only and you cannot put this one in the microwave or dishwasher, but it is quite great due to its interactivity and it only costs $11.99!

8-Bit Legendary Hero Heat-Change Mug

Following the same idea as the previous mug, this one will have three hearts on one side that get filled with the cup and on the other side you have symbols for attacking and defenses, with one key and one potion, as you did in the classic video games of the 80s and 90s. you can get it for $11.99 from ThinkGeek.

Power-Up Mug

This mystery box might seem a bit clunky to drink from, but can be used for storing things like pens, spare change or even plants. The aesthetic is inspired from the Mario games where you could find coins, mushrooms or other boosts in them. Get one for $11.99.

Space Invaders Heat Transfer Mug

One of the most beloved games of the 1980s, this interactive mug will become brighter and filled with more aliens. It is sold for $12.99 and is an official Space Invaders product.

Pac-Man Heat Change Mug

Another highly popular game from the 80s, this Pac-Man memorabilia will have the characters show up when filled with some warm liquid and you can get yours for $11.99 from Amazon. Do not forget though that heat changing mugs have to be washed by hand only.

Tetris Heat Change Mug

This is by far the best selling game of all time and thus you cannot go wrong with this mug. Almost everyone recognizes this game today and the mug has colored artwork that changes when there is hot liquid inside. You can get it for $11.99.

Minecraft Ceramic Creeper Face Mug

Minecraft is an amazingly popular video game and this mug (worth $24.80) will show your dedication with a simple design and a wonderful green tone. It represents one of the monsters coming out during night time in the game and it stands out with its practical shape.

Hot Binary Heat Change Mug

Have a programmer friend? Or are you a programmer? Then you will probably love this mug since it is filled with ones and zeros. When it is filled with hot liquid it will spell 010010000100111101010100 which means HOT in binary code and the price for it is only $11.99.

Math Coffee Mug

This ceramic mug is black and covered in mathematical formulas. You should give this as a gift to someone who is a physics of math geek and see their reaction. The formulas are actually wrong and this mug is a great way to see just how smart they really are. Get one for $12.95.


meh. Mug

This one is to the point and great for those who aren’t easily impressed or those who always have a witty comment ready for every situation. For only $7.99 you will have an answer at hand to anything you encounter during your day.

Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug

This one has a simple theme and can be a great gift for any gamer as well as for your loved one. The heart fills up with the liquid inside and it will give you a great incentive to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. You can get one from ThinkGeek for $11.99.

8 Bit Rise and Shine Heat Change Mug

The first cup of coffee is what transforms us from sleepy zombies into social and active human beings, so this mug portrays this thing in a funny way. It is sleepy when doesn’t have some hot liquid in it and becomes a turquoise tone with a happy face once you fill it up. Get one for $11.99.

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock Desktop Mug

This might seem weird if you aren’t a fan of The Big Bang Theory since it is sort of an inside joke. Consider it an extended version of rock paper scissors with rules like “Spock vaporizes rock” or “Lizard poisons Spock” to make you really confused. The mug is only $7.99.

Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marchmallow Face Mug

In the film this was the most harmless thing they could think of and then transformed it into a monster that began the destruction of New York. The mug costs $14.99 and is great for the fans of the film and it looks wonderful even for someone who doesn’t know the movie, if such a person even exists.

Breaking Bad Beaker Mug

This was one of the best TV series ever made and the mug follows the theme of the film with a photo of the main character and measurement units. The tone had to be crystal blue as the meth in the series, so all the details make it great for fans of the show and it costs only $11.99.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Coffee Mug

They ship in a full color gift box, so they are ideal for a fan of the series and since Vandor has been making quality products since 1957 you can make sure it is top notch. The best thing about these mugs is the price which is only $8.65.

Rubik’s Cube 3D Mug

The cube is one of the best-selling games and although you can’t randomize this mug, you can still show your dedication or appreciation of the toy for $12.99, giving you a great storage unit for your tea and coffee.

DC Comics Coffee Mug

With this mug you get a collage of all the superheroes in the DC Comics universe and it only costs $10.15. The print is of a high quality, so it will last you for years and the colors are clean enough. Did we mention it is completely covered in images of superheroes? What more could you ask for?

Wonder Woman Coffee Mug

This piece of Wonder Woman memorabilia is a collector’s item and has quite a good quality, allowing you to put it in the dishwasher without any worries. Even if you know someone who isn’t a fan of the comics, giving a girl a Wonder Woman mug is certainly a great compliment and for $17.99 you could do a lot worse than this choice.

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