Incredible Super Mario Bros Themed Lamp

Super Mario Bros might be able to light things by just grabbing a flower power-up and shooting fireballs, but we do actually need lamps. The fact that they’re themed after the popular video game character is just a huge plus, though.

Super Mario Bros Lamp 1

Etsy user TRoweDesigns flirts and scores with greatness by creating an incredible lamp themed after Nintendo’s most well-known character, Super Mario Bros himself. The lamp can be turned off and on simply by pulling Mario towards the green pipe. We bet you won’t be able to resist humming the traditional pipe sound, though.

Super Mario Bros Lamp 2

Still, there’s something else that is really cool about this lamp. Let’s say you just don’t like Mario and prefer other characters such as his brother Luigi, Toad, or Yoshi? Well, you can just ask the creator to feature them instead when you order your own. Now you’ve seriously ran out of excuses to delay this purchase, right?

Super Mario Bros Lamp 3

Super Mario Bros Lamp 4

Source: Nerdgasmo

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