Incredible Batman Munny from Kid Robot

All sorts of Munnies exist: “Bioshock”, “Legend of Zelda” and “Hellraiser” to name a few. Even Michael Keaton should want his one-of-a-kind Munny counterpart, custom-designed by Jared Cain (Nikejerk) of Kid Robot for an avid Batman collector. Commissioned to create this special Batman figure, Cain fashioned him after Tim Burton’s vision of the Dark Knight. Batman comes equipped with a custom wooden batarang, a removable faux leather cape, and a second right arm complete with attached grappling hook.  Stealthily move through the streets of Gotham City at night as the caped crusader. One of favorite parts about the Munny creations that come out of Kid Robot is the intense detail that the artists put into their pieces. Batman’s center logo holds the cape on and is removable, along with the cape. His ears are custom-sculpted.  The spare arm which the grappling hook is connected to is made of a wooden dowel that goes all the way into the body and is rather secure, but there’s also an added magnet for extra security. The hook is also made from a dowel with nails as the prongs to add weight to the hook. To ensure the head doesn’t topple off at an inopportune moment, magnets were added to the neck socket and head.  The grappling hook makes it possible to pose him in action for photo shoots. All of these details plus the custom-designed box mean that this figure isn’t some mass-produced toy that’s going to fall apart or that every other collector is going to possess. It’s unique, it’s a quality product, and in a certain sense, a piece of art. Kid Robot sells Munny figures, basically vinyl blank slates of different shapes and sizes that artists can customize any way they choose to create distinct pieces that can’t be found elsewhere.   Check out some of Jared Cain’s other creations on his Flickr feed.  Customized orders make great gifts and collectibles. Kid Robot makes it okay to still play with dolls, as long as they’re as awesome as this Batman or any other piece from their wide array of characters. Via: Nikejerk’s Flickr