Darkstalkers Resurrection In 2013 For PSN & XBLA

Back from the dead is Capcom’s beloved Darkstalkers series in a two game collection due next year.

Darkstalkers Resurrection PSN XBLA image 1

Remember when Vampires, Werewolves, and the rest of the horror wheelhouse of creatures were cool? Before they turned into whiny lovelorn dopes thanks to the likes of Twilight and its sappy ilk?

Well, Darkstalkers is nothing like that. A product of the fighting game boom during the 1990s, Darkstalkers is a Capcom series inspired by the classic gothic horror tropes of Bram Stoker and Mary Shelley, harboring a misfit cast of zombies, demons, and even Frankenstein’s monster.

Truly, as far as fighters go, Darkstalkers brand of unique, lively characters – it’s got a kung-fu werewolf or Pete’s sakes – is one of its best attributes, yet it also holds within it a fun, fast-placed fighting engine to match, which has gained its fair share of fans over the years.

Darkstalkers Resurrection PSN XBLA image 2

I know that a lot of people – myself included – would ermahgerd to the high heavens for a Street Fighter IV treatment of Darkstalkers. And perhaps this latest digital offering from Capcom is a testing of the waters for such a proposal.

Set for a 2013 release on both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, Darkstalkers Resurrection brings together two arcade installments, 1995’s Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge and 1997’s Darkstalkers 3, and repurposes them in a proper 16:9 viewing ratio along with several optional filters that change the game’s border to appear as if you’re playing from an actual arcade cabinet. Neato!

But that’s not all your $14.99 (1200 MS Points) is getting you, no sir-ree; there’s unlockable bonuses, the ability to share matches with your friends via YouTube, all sorts of different gameplay modes, and most importantly, online multiplayer managed through a GGPO-styled network.

Now, I’m not saying buying Darkstalkers Resurrection is vote to Capcom showing that you would love a hypothetical next-gen entry, but… I’m not also saying it’s not. So take that for what it’s worth… but seriously, buy this game… I meant it… I really, really, really, want Darkstalkers 4… I’ll do anything… please buy it! PLEASE!!!

*Ahem* Well then, how about what else is going on in the geek world? Belgium street art? Self-aware refrigerators that only open to smiling users? Yeah, those sound like the kind of topics we here at Walyou would approach. No doubt.