Wii: The Death of Nintendo

If you hate the advent of the Nintendo Wii, you’re not alone. Graham Young conveys his grief at the replacement of Nintendo’s traditional lighthearted adventure games with the disingenuous ‘all-around’ Wii in Nintendo: A Sad Story.

a sad story

But be warned! A Sad Story isn’t for the light of heart, as the launch of the Nintendo Wii is personified by the vindictive behavior of Nintendo executives.

In it we find Mario, the Golden Boy of Nintendo, disheveled and bearing scars on his face, planning to – brace yourself – murder Miyamoto, his creator! Now that’s just not like him, so we know he must be under the pressure of desperate circumstances. Among other Nintendo icons to appear in the video are Princess Peach and Bowser, both of whom are also in bad states due to the marketing of the Nintendo Wii.

I won’t divulge anything else about the plot because it’s something you’ve got to see for yourself, and when you do you’ll know that Graham Young has been deeply disturbed by the age of the Wii.

However, I can say a few things about the dark atmosphere evoked in A Sad Story. Shot a bit like a thriller/horror, eerie or melancholy music is played throughout and might invoke anguish in the viewer. The setting of the story, an old creepy house with creaky floors, doesn’t help to ease the tension one bit, and almost from the get-go of the story screams can be heard in the distance for Mario’s help.

All in all, A Sad Story does a superb job at antagonizing the Nintendo Wii and will be an instant classic for any hardcore Nintendo fan that thinks that the launch of the Wii has marked the demise of good gaming.

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