Even Superheroes Get Depressed

Bad days come and go for all of us, even the best of us, fictional and real. Superheroes have bad days as well, and have the right to get depressed. Even get drunk. Fighting crime, fighting invaders from outer space, fighting fellow superheroes. Life can beat you down, and even the greatest – Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Peter Parker, Tony Stark or any of the Flashes, they all have these days.

Even Bruce Wayne has bad nights. Maybe it’s the whole murdered parents complex. Maybe he’s just lonely, and needed to get drunk.

If you follow Spider Man comic books, you know Peter Parker finds himself more than once in economic jams. I guess he couldn’t make rent.

When he’s down, he just puts on the symbiote suit and broods on rooftops.

Having the weight of your world on your shoulder can be quite a burden on your soul.

Tony Stark has had his problems with alcohol over the years. Being a genius, rich, and Iron Man takes its toll on man.

Steve Rogers ain’t exactly happy with the film adaptations.

Even the fastest man alive has these days when he just wants to crouch up against the wall, and cry. All Flashes do that.