DIY Batcave Worth $150K Made In Two and a Half Years

Doing all by yourself something that you saw in your favorite flick is great, but if you don’t have that kind of money, you can only stand and watch what others have made.

So you want to be Batman, huh? Well, all you need is a tolerant wife, a well-paid job and a lot of room in your basement. Not for the wine cellar, but for the headquarters! At least that’s the recipe that Chris Weir, the owner/designer of the following DIY Batcave, followed. Even though I mentioned in the title of this post that the Batcave he built is worth $150K, the the real value of this insane project cannot be estimated, since Weir has also put a lot of time and energy into this.

I don’t know how Weir’s house looks like, but if you go to his basement it becomes clear that he’s really into everything related to the Dark Knight. As if his t-shirt wouldn’t have given that away, already. The gigantic 1998 version of the Batman logo is proof that Weir is not only interested in Christopher Nolan’s adaptation.

Weir has hundreds of comics, books and posters in his basement, but that’s not all. Bane action figures, Batman busts and tens of logo attest to this man’s admiration for Bruce Wayne and his secret identity. A William Shakespeare bust similar to the one found in Wayne Manor provides access to a secret corridor and from there, the journey begins.

The Batman aficionado claims that the suit similar to the one used in The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises is his most valuable possession. The Batcave also includes a home theater where Weir’s family enjoys all sorts of Batman films and television shows. For the sake of humanity, I really hope he skips The Dark Knight Rises from the heavy rotation, as the end of the trilogy was really disappointing, badly edited, AND had a mediocre story.

All this passion for the Dark Knight started while Weir was a child. I guess this stands to show that if people have a hobby, they should really stick to it, as it gives them a lot of satisfaction.

One might think that if Weir was married, he would have to work in secret at building his Batcave. The good news is that he is married, and his better half is very thoughtful, according to his statement: “She was a little apprehensive at first, but then she came around and said as long as I could pay the mortgage, I could do it.”

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