Gingerbread Transformer: Delicious Robot in Disguise

Christmas has come and gone, but Transformers are forever. Especially ones made out of Gingerbread.

This gingerbread robot in disguise was built by a Canadian student named Brian Hall. He built the device out of an Arduino board and six servo motors, in addition to the usual gingerbread (cardboard, actually) , frosting, and candies. The best part of this project is that this Transformer actually transforms from a gingerbread house into a robot. What do we call this one, a Gingerbreadbot?

This is an amazing project, even if it comes to us after the holidays. Brian has a great, creative engineering mind. He’s currently in his final year of a double major, studying both music mechatronics, a combination of mechanical, electrical, and software engineering. And if any CEO or manager of a technical company is reading this, you might want to consider hiring him. Getting one college degree is impressive enough on its own, but attempting two is quite a feat.

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