Conan: Conan Plays Life Sized Angry Birds

Video game lovers would know that Angry Birds is the greatest thing to happen to mankind in the last couple of years.

It was developed by Finland-based Rovio Mobile and is a puzzle video game that is played by millions of people around the world. In fact, many people seem to be addicted to the game and play when they are in the metro, while on the bus, while at the office desk and even while exchanging smiles at the coffee vending machine at office.

Conan Christopher O’Brien, the host of Conan created a live version of the Angry Birds game, and had a lot of fun on screen. The late-night talk show is one of the most popular American TV shows at the moment. He had got all the pigs arranged under IKEA furniture and eventually got the furniture destroyed. It so happens that Finland hates Sweden and vice versa.

The rival countries are known to despise everything that belongs to each other. IKEA is a Swedish company, and what better way than using Finnish angry Birds game to destroy a few stylish and chic IKEA furniture pieces! Conan personally got off the stage and went behind the screen to use bombard the pigs under the IKEA furniture with those rocks and explosive crates. Conan surely had a lot of fun killing the pigs, but I suspect he had more fun destroying the Swedish made IKEA furniture while killing the hard-to-find pigs.

It might just be a game, all done in good humour but still reveals the extent of rivalry that countries have between themselves. Conan knew how to wittily and sarcastically show that even rivalry between countries is like a bunch of kids throwing toys around, literally. If you are hungry after reading this article, you could take a look at the yummy Angry Birds Cake. The Zombified Angry Birds are a tad scary than necessary and the Angry Birds Costumes are sheer fun.

Via: Team Coco. Thanks for the tip Lekahe!