QR Code Greeting Cards Arrive In Time for Valentine’s Day

If you were tired of all the business cards passed around with the help of smartphones, you are not alone. Many people have begun to grow weary about all those new age business cards which are passed along in the form of QR codes.

QR Codes hold all the information that is necessary and one just needs to take the picture of the code, and a reader that is installed on your smartphone would be able to read the information. Thus, QR Codes have become synonymous with web based business cards in which social media details are usually embedded as well. However, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and that is perhaps why you must go ahead and get these cute QR code holiday cards. These holiday cards can hold customized information right from ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ to everything else that your mind can concoct.

The 5 and a quarter inch square card would be shipped to you in a white envelope and the QR code would be printed on professional quality stationary. The QR code greeting card could be a great way to make business too, if you are still in the mood for making money instead of showering affection to loved ones. You could add information about promotions that you may offer for Valentine’s Day, coupon codes or specific marketing messages. It all depends on you how the greeting card is used.

It is a pretty clever idea as it adds novelty to otherwise boring greeting cards and also allows you to promote yourself, professionally or personally. At $4.95, they are not very expensive either. If you were looking for something more analogue but that which still took some sort of inspiration from QR codes, you could take a look at the QR Code Wood Sculpture. The QR Code Clock is not very far behind either, and is a great way to confuse people about its real purpose.