19 Ways Donkey Kong Terrorizes IRL [Fan Art]

One interesting fact about Mario is that he wasn’t originally created for the legendary Super Mario Bros, but for another Nintendo’s video game called Donkey Kong. Despite its early appearance, the large ape and its game are often shadowed by its younger brother. The list of 19 weird and creative Donkey Kong designs below is a wonderful tribute to the classic game that has captured the heart of many gamers.

Donkey Kong Office Building


Created by students of UCSC Engineering University out of glass poster, “Donkey Kong Office Building” is no doubt the dream workspace for those who refuse to grow up. I don’t care what this office is about, I want to work there!

Donkey Kong Wall Unit


The unique horizontal passages of Donkey Kong has inspired Igor Chak to design a wall unit with all the lines and ladders just like what it looks in the game. Made of durable and lightweight materials, the pieces are detachable which gives you the flexibility to set up the unit according to your needs.

Donkey Kong Shelves


Source: Gearfuse

The Donkey Kong shelves is a creation that defies symmetry and usability in the name of the classic video game. Despite it’s a myth how things can actually be placed on the shelves without sliding to the lower ends, the design looks so cool that it’s definitely worth a try.

Donkey Kong Wall Graphics


Donkey Kong Wall Graphics are fantastic decoration decals based upon the original 8-bit graphics which is part of the NES version of the Donkey Kong.  Each package comes with three 26” x 40” sheets of decals, enough to create a totally Donkey Kong environment for any geek’s house.

Real Life Donkey Kong Staircase

With imagination and love for video game, somebody has turned a normal emergency staircase into an ultra cool real life simulation of Donkey Kong with the starring of our beloved gorilla, Mario and the Princess.

Donkey Kong Castset


Hand carved and casted in high quality Urethane plastic by the award winning artist Melissa Jones, Donkey Kong Castset gaming casts are beautiful pieces of art to remind you of your favorite childhood game. Available at $250 each set, nostalgia is certainly not cheap.

Donkey Kong Quilt


The Donkey Kong quilt from Carolina Patchworks does not only keep you warm but the presence of the powerful also keeps all the dark night evil away. Measuring at 64 square inches, the quilt features Donkey Kong, Mario and the beautiful princess in a larger scale.

Donkey the Hutt


If there is something even cooler than Donkey Kong and Star Wars in combination, it must be a combination of Donkey Kong and Star Wars. Carlos Escárrega put two of geekiest creations into one T-shirt design where Mario is replaced with the simultaneous two-player action of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo,  Donkey Kong with Jabba the Hutt and the original damsel in distress Pauline with Princess Leia.

Donkey Kong Messenger Bag


Source: Sexy Gadgets

With this beautiful Donkey Kong messenger bag, now you can literally take your childhood fantasy with you everywhere. The bag comes as part of the arcade game messenger bags collection which includes Pac-Man, Ateroids, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders and Super Mario Bros bags.

Donkey Kong Game and Watch Handheld Game


Donkey Kong Game once again rocked the market with Watch hand held game. In the form of an exciting racing adventure, the game sees the appearance of Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, King K Cool and all other ol’ good characters.

iDonkey iPhone Kit


Doubling as an iPhone dock, this miniature Donkey Kong arcade machine will bring an interesting retro touch to your sleek Apple gadgets. It’s a DIY project so you can always make one for yourself if you are geeky enough.

Donkey Kong Jenga Game


With 54 blocks made of wood, and painted with the girders from Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jenga game can be played in both traditional way and in the twisted way. The second version of the game comes with a Mario mover which can save Pauline from the clutches of the evil Donkey Kong. There is even a Donkey Kong spinner to determine the number of steps Mario can take.

Stop Motion Donkey Kong

Source: MobileMe Gallery

The Kirby Derby parade of Raleigh, NC turned into a horror when an 8 foot tall Donkey Kong emerged from a pile of post-it notes and attacked the city until Mario saved the day. Created by Pixel & Bricks; this stop motion video is a smooth real life simulation of the game.

Donkey Kong Pixels Video

Made by Patrick Jean, the pixel video is a brilliant short movie that combines many of the retro video game classics including Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, Pac-man and other legends. With an amazing setup and storyline, no wonder why the video has more than 300,000 likes on Facebook.


Donkey Kong LEGO


Source: Aleptu

A geek party cannot be completed without Lego. Despite the weird smiling face of Donkey, the overall design is still worth a hat-off with all the lines, ladders, Mario and Pauline.

Donkey Kong Christmas


Source: Dad’s Big Plan

Somebody has reorganized the structure of Donkey Kong matrix into this amazing Donkey Kong Christmas tree. On the black background, all the game elements work beautifully as Christmas ornaments.

Donkey Kong Canstruction Artwork


It’s official. Canstruction – sculptures built from cans – is a new form of art and a new trend among geeks. Donkey canstruction is a piece of artwork too good to be missed.

Donkey Kong Drink


With pink bubblegum flavor, Donkey Kong Jungle Juice is not only an interesting idea but also an interesting taste. Even though it’s not an energy drink, it can still cheer up the game lovers.

Minimalist Donkey Kong Avatar


Donkey has such a dear place in our hearts that we can easily recognize him from his minimalist avatar made up of his tie and gorilla body.