Donkey Kong Wall Decal Puts Geekiness Under the Spotlight

There seems to be something special about making wall installations inspired from Donkey Kong, as this is not the first one I’m writing about.

More precisely, almost three months ago I wrote about CapsuleKong, a wall-mounted display for Nespresso pods made by Hologramer. As you will see, the two concepts, while different in construction, share a few similarities. Both the wall decal and the coffee holder feature the furious gorilla at the top throwing down barrels and coffee pods, respectively.

Rubén Vaquero, the Spanish graphic designer who came up with this, must have spent quite a lot of time putting everything together. Judging by the pictures that he posted on his Behance page, the entire process took 30 hours to finish. Everything is summarized in a 30-second stopmotion GIF.

There seems to be a series of 8-bit wall decals, this one being called Donkey Kong vs Super Mario, while the other one is Super Mario Bros. Obviously, the latter features mushrooms, turtles, carnivorous plants and everything else that made the Italian plumber’s universe so appealing.

After measuring everything and creating a scaled-down model of the wall decal, Rubén proceeded to installing the components. It all started with a black wall, but little by little, the graphic designer kept adding the elements until the wall decal was complete.

You may wonder what determined Rubén to create a wall decal based specifically on the Donkey Kong game from 1981. Apparently, he likes Super Mario quite a lot, and since Jumpman was the first game ever to feature him, the artist wanted to emphasize the historical value of Nintendo’s creation.

Considering that the entire decal was made using only pencils, a ruler and markers, the result is quite impressive.

The Donkey Kong vs Super Mario wall decal ended up measuring 2.69 meters in height and 1.85 meters in width. Personally, I am curious whether Rubén will make other wall decals based on game characters, as stopping here would be a real pity.

Checking his portfolio on Behance is a must, as wall decals inspired from vintage video games are not the only things Rubén is good at. Still, he seems to have a thing for mural installations, as walls represent the medium in most of his works of art. I really hope this is not the last time I write about him, as he definitely should get some recognition for being so talented.

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