Double Dragon Neon Soundtrack Free For Download

How would like some free awesome beats from an awesome beat-em’ up? I though so; come on in to learn the details.

Double Dragon Neon super image

Crunk. That’s the appropriate “cool kids” word for anything sounding good to the ears, right? Well if it is, I want to use it to describe the soundtrack for Double Dragon Neon, WayForward Technologies’ modern day downloadable take on the seminal arcade brawler from Taito.

If memory serves me correct, the 1987 original was a mixed pop-culture bag of everything that comprised the 1980’s – karate dudes, wicked hair, etc.  –  and with Neon, the Valencia, California studio has done an excellent job in assembling all those radical trappings into a fitting homage for not only its source, but the decade itself.

Although, this couldn’t be nearly accomplished without Jake Kaufman’s superbly-crafted tunes, which sets the background through all of Neon’s high-fiving, fist-pumping, and of course, fist-punching on-screen action. A match made in 80’s heaven, I say; one influenced greatly by the eras pop hits, from hair metal to electronic new wave.

Seriously dudes, it is that ermahgerd good.

Double Dragon Neon forest image

Don’t just take my word for it. Right now you can download the soundtrack to Double Dragon Neon for free, straight from Kaufman’s own Bandcamp page (sample it first before you download… I’ll explain why below). I fully predict that after listening to a couple of tracks, you’ll be adding this album to your playlist on heavy rotation.

And if you absolutely do love what you hear – so much so that it makes you want to wear ripped blue jeans and a headband – it would be a real cool beans gesture to throw a few bucks back to the creator, who no doubt worked tirelessly on producing it (and now you know! And knowing is half the battle!)

Gah! *smacks forehead* I should also drop in and inform you of the game portion of the soundtrack, which is currently available through digital means, PSN and XBLA, for the low price of $9.99. I’ve been hearing some positive buzz about Double Dragon Neon’s solid beat-em’ up gameplay, so I recommend running to your console of choice and checking it out.

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