11 Emo Artworks of Geek Icons

Focusing on the emotional and darker sides of comic book heroes like Batman and the Avengers, or depicting Darth Vader & his last moment with his son Luke, JSalvador’s SuperEmoFriends is makes it the best Emo thing ever.

According to Salvador (who spoke to Buzzfeed about his work), the genesis of his SuperEmoFriends project reveals so much about fan culture and our emotional investments in fictional characters… They get to add to the painting with their own knowledge of the character and that mental participation makes it fun.

Vader & Luke

Vader & Luke


A father – son moment. Many feels, no tears.

Trooper Failures

Sand Troopers


This was after Vader or some other Moff shouted at them for letting the Droids slip past them.

Sad Batman

Sad Batman

When you think about it, Bruce Wayne has been emo since before anyone knew what it is.

The Avengers & Loki Down About Something

The Avengers


It sucks withotu girls.

Crying Spider-Man

Crying Spider-Man


First his parents, then uncle Ben, and then Gwen Stacy. Poor Peter.

Depressed Wolverine



Living forever isn’t that great.


Robot Arnie


It sucks having to melt yourself down after saving the day.

Atreyu & Artax

Atreyu & Atrax

I cried too when I was a kid and saw this.

Link, Not Zelda!



it’s exhausting correcting people all the time.




The Bobby Vinton song is actually about him.

The Real WW



All the money is gone….

His Etsy siteSuperEmoFriends website / Facebook

Check out this cute yet depressing Emo Han Solo Figurine if you haven’t got tired of all this emotion.