Xbox Mini Handheld Concept Art

Nintendo has dominated the handheld gaming market and Sony is doing quite well too, so one can only expect that Microsoft will enter the fray sometime. This Xbox Mini concept shows one possible look for a portable Xbox, which could no doubt be a huge hit.

The next generation of handheld consoles is on its way, with the Nintendo 3DS getting ridiculous amounts of hype and Sony’s PSP sequel (often dubbed the NGP or PSP2) slated for release too. The 3DS, of course, is known for its glasses-free 3-Dimensional display, along with a touch screen much like the original DS had. The new Sony handheld will also feature touchscreen, along with portable versions of some of the PS3’s popular, graphically-intense franchises. Meanwhile, there’s been no word from Microsoft about entering the handheld world. With their Windows Phone 7 operating system out, one would think they could use it, or a tweak of it, for a portable gaming console.

Xbox Mini Concept 1

Xbox Mini Concept 2

Xbox Mini Concept 3

Xbox Mini Concept 4

Artist Camille Jean decided to take the first steps by making up some images of what a portable Xbox could look like. It’s a really slick design, with a prominent “X” shape on the front and the now-familiar Xbox logo as a button in the center. When pressed, the front panels slide away, serving as the places where your hands will grip and utilize the controller buttons. In the center, the screen is revealed so you can enjoy your games. One can see a few flaws, however; not only is the screen a bit small, especially in comparison to the new handhelds coming out, the big Xbox button in the center obscures a considerable portion of it. There are also some other concept sketches showing other routes the artist considered. Whether Microsoft goes with a design similar to this or something completely different, it’s not hard to imagine that they’ll enter the market sooner or later. For more portable gaming hotness, check out some Info on the Sony NGP and the Razer Switchblade Gaming Netbook.