Booba Fett Is Bustin’ Out

Did you know that Boba Fett had a clone daughter? No? Then please, pull up a chair and have a seat. Ahem, Jada Fett was raised in a small and humble convent by a group of rebel nuns in the outer rim territories of Tatooine. At the age of eighteen, she discovered her talent for accurately tossing rocks at Jawas from concealed places. Because of this, it came as no surprise to her when the nuns finally dropped the bomb, and told her about her father and her genealogy (the “Star Wars” universe needs more therapists). Upon leaving the convent, Jada’s life took a turn for the worst.

She started hanging out with “the wrong crowd” and started dressing in ways that would make even a Hutt blush. She hit rock bottom when she found herself with an overdrawn account, no job prospects and a credit score as low as her plunging neck-lines. To pay off all of her debt, she was forced to make an executive decision: she put on her father’s helmet and joined the family business. This is what she looks like:

Jada Fett

All jokes aside, what we have here is a picture uploaded by txfriedcmfl on Flickr of what appears to be a tattoo of a re-imagined Boba Fett. It looks pretty … inspired to say the least, as if you’re looking at her/it through beer goggles. It’s strange enough to me that anybody would fetishize Boba Fett in this way, and then draw attention to themselves by tattooing said fetish onto their leg. To begin with, Boba Fett is barely on screen in any of the movies. He never speaks, fires his laz0r like – twice and then dies accidentally when Han Solo is turning around.

Trying to mentally undress Boba Fett is about as unsexy as a butterfly farting. In any case, cheers to you txfriedcmfl for having the confidence that, until this moment, I didn’t know existed. You’ve more than made my day, and if you’re a guy, then may the force be with you – always (also, get a tan).

I’m sorry, I wish I could direct you to other things like this on Walyou, but I know without even looking that this would be fruitless undertaking. These Star Wars typography designs and this AT-AT snow sculpture will have to do for now.