15 Awesome Paper Airplanes Creations

No matter who you are or where you come from, you must have played with paper planes at least once. Whether you like it or not, paper plane is the easiest way to get out of the boredom in classroom or office. All you need to do is to get a sheet of paper, make a plane and let in land in the most appropriate places. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to put up with the same old paper plane model. There are, in fact, plenty of cool paper plane designs for you to choose from. Here are 15 coolest ones of them.

Colonial Viper Paper Airplane


Via: Red Eye Rogue

Why should fans of Battlestar Galactica must not compromise with an ordinary paper plane when they can get a Colonial Viper? Grab the full size version, print it out, cut along the dotted lines, then put it together and you will have your very own Colonial Viper.

Tornado F-3 Paper Plane


Via: Dad Cando

Developed by an RAF engineer, this super cool Tornador F-3 makes the perfect all-condition flyer suitable for all ages . The template is available in both A4 and US Letter formats, just click on the size below to download.

British Eurofighter Typhoon Paper Plane


Via: Zimbio

This wonderful paper airplane shapes likes real airplane, and not just any airplane but an impressive British Eurofighter Typhoon.

F-15  Eagle Paper Airplane


Via: Amazing Paper Airplanes

The name says it all. F-15  Eagle Paper Airplane is a fierce flying bird that will help you win any paper airplane combat. This paper airplane  flies very well in straight, and the origami style makes it easy to fold.

F-117A Nighthawk Paper Airplane


Via: Amazing Paper Airplanes

Closely resembling the F-117A Nighthawk, a super stealth airplane of the US Army, F-117A Nighthawk Paper Airplane is an amazing indoor flier, or in other words, it’s perfect for having fun in a classroom or in an office.

F-4 Phantom Paper Plane


Via: Instructables

Based after the supersonic jet interceptor fighter, the F-4 Phantom paper plane flies well except outdoors and in tight places.

Sky King Paper Airplane


Via: Wired

Officially holding the world record for longest flying paper airplane, Takuo Toda’s Sky King can fly for a whooping 27.9 seconds flew before it landed on the ground. It flew so high that the camera operator recording the flight lost sight of it for a couple of seconds.

Oragami Paper Plane Fighter


Via: Instructables

This crazy paper plane fighter is not just a simple kid’s toy, but a true piece of origami artwork. More than just an imposing look, it can actually fly.

Paper Airplane Fighter


Via: Instructables

This paper airplane fighter from Instructables user Unominame is a true fighter that carries guns on the front and a Tailfin on the back.

DC-3 of Paper Plane


Via: Source

The DC-3 paper plane is an awesome looking airplane that flies like a balsa wood plane rather. It can fly with or without the tail, but the tail will give the plane directional stability.

Cool Paper Airplane


Via: Walyou

Taiku’s paper plane design can really soar like a real fighter on the sky, or in the classroom, or in the office.

Paper Airplane Glider


Via: Bridal Shower Themes

This paper airplane might not be the best looking paper plane, but it’s a true glider. It can fly far and glide really well.

Boomerang Paper Plane


Via: The Paper Airplane Guy

Designed by the legendary Paper Airplane Guy, Boomerang is a real stunt plane that can circle without looping.

365/10 Paper Plane


Via: Flickr

Somewhat similar to the Boomerang design, Fingersfray’s 365/10 paper plane has an enhanced tail that will help the flight navigate better.

Simple Paper Jet


Via: Crazy Engineers

Yet, despite all these fancy modern paper plane designs, the jet is still the most conventional and popular one.

Bonus: Electric Launch Pad for Paper Planes


Via: Walyou

Designed by specialists at Middlesex University, the Electric Launch Pad includes all parts needed for building an electric launcher for paper planes.  Even though it is an educational kit for kids, nobody can stop you from using it to make your paper planes fly higher and further.