Hand-Made Final Fantasy VI Monopoly Set

How does the phrase “Pass go and collect 200 gil” sound to you? Good? Well, now you can with this hand-made Monopoly set influenced by the RPG-classic, Final Fantasy VI.

Final Fantasy III Monopoly set Image 1

From my experience, now and days if there’s one thing both Final Fantasy and Monopoly can be counted on is igniting arguments like grease on a stove top. Why any well-minded person would dare to combine both – possibly inciting an explosive scenario that could end all of humankind – is beyond my reasoning, but hey its a thing now. And an pretty awesome thing at that.

Introducing this cute hand-made Final Fantasy III Monopoly set created by Sprite Stitch forumite jadedly. Everything about the set is wonderfully pieced together with so much love for the SNES role-playing game, from the board that’s made with 14-count fabric cloth, to the individual tokens that take the familiar shape of the FFIII title characters. In their proper 16-bit sprite form, indubitably.

Final Fantasy III Monopoly set Image 2

Heh, so much for my doomsday plot if jadedly’s using one of the more respected Final Fantasy’s out of the Square Enix-produced collective bunch. Not that I wish for such a thing anyway; Heavens to Murgatroyd, no. In fact, I’m just ecstatic with how this Monopoly set looks; I really love how the Chance and Community Chest cards have been worked into the FFVI theme. What a delightful touch.

Better yet my Internet friends, you too at home can make one of these Monopoly sets for yourselves – because I know darn sure you’ll probably never see a Monopoly board like this on store shelves – just by following the forum thread from where this project originated. I for one, can’t wait to say in front of my friends that I would like to buy East Chocobo Crossing.

Final Fantasy III Monopoly set Image 3

Don’t get too “board” on the internet… hee, hee, you get it? Board. As in board game! Haha… *Sigh* Anyway, please do frequent our other geeky stories hosted on Walyou. I believe the ones about a radical, but classy, steampunk guitar and a Super Mario Bros. stop-motion animation made from Post-It Notes (totally not kidding, you’ve got to see it) should hopefully find your fancy.