Frey Celebrations: The Wedding Planners the North Will Never Forget

Shutterstock, the stock photography agency who reimagined the great houses of Westeros as modern companies earlier this year, put up part two of Game of Brands featuring Frey Celebrations, probably the most memorable wedding planners in the world.

Game of Thrones seems to be getting some of the most interesting promotion out of all the modern TV series. Part one of Game of Brands was created with the purpose of promoting the third season of the hit fantasy drama. That campaign featured House Targaryen as a modern day airline, Air Targaryen, that owns the sky. House Baratheon was reimagined as Baratheon Security, a corporation whose renewed words are “Protection You Can Trust.” Stark Outfitters, the modern company that conquers the elements, has taken the place of House Stark. Lannister Investment Group manages the lion’s share in our times, while House Greyjoy offers whale watching packages under the name Greyjoy Cruises. Last, but not least, Arryn Communications is a modern day carrier that makes sure that the message gets from the emitter to the receptor untainted. Check out the post on the Shutterstock blog to see the amazing images that accompany these newly spawned corporations.

Now that the third season is over, Shutterstock turned its attention to the house that contributed the most to the most shocking event till now: The Red Wedding. Of course, the corporation representing House Frey had to have the same preoccupations as in the series. Because of that, Shutterstock considered that they would look the best as wedding planners, even though the events they organize tend to be rather bloody. The new words of Frey Celebrations are “We understand the importance of vows.”

Even the wedding cake commissioned by this corporation reminds of the tragic end of the King in the North. Knowing these guys, it’s rather safe to assume that even the wedding cake is poisoned, so if you really have to attend an event planned by Frey Celebrations, you had better eat at home.

The wedding invitations seen below, while not as fancy as the movie poster wedding invitations I wrote about last week, follow the main theme of the Red Wedding. Any wedding planned by Frey Celebrations is practically guaranteed to be red and memorable, just like the one in the series.

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