Game Of Thrones Intro Tribute In Lego

It’s only been one and a half seasons for HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones, and its intro is already deeply engraved into our geeky hearts. Now, one of our geeky dreams can become a reality when King’s Landing, Winterfell, and so many other iconic cities are represented in Lego form, all the while keeping the visuals similar to the already-classic opening.

The video was created by bymatthewp, who even made an alternative version of the music (you gotta prevent lawsuits, you know?) to go along with it. Enjoy the stop-motion magic, and be prepared, for winter is coming.

Thanks to everyone at IGeekTrooper for the lead on this story. We have more Game of Thrones media at A Song of Ice and Fire: Alternative Trading Card Game Edition and Incredible Game Of Thrones Cosplay Includes Iron Throne.