Stop Motion Gameboy Classics In Minecraft

Users can create literally anything in Minecraft, even some Game Boy Classics of the early 90’s, thanks to the magic of stop motion animation.


The simple, yet beloved Game Boy graphics turned out to be perfect for the people at MinecraftA2Z to fulfill their vision of creating a faithful reproduction of classic games that most of us grew up with. The games chosen for this project were Super Mario Land (the original one), Tetris, and The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. We’re pretty sure this must have been hard-work, but the result is pretty much perfect, as the recreations capture the exact feeling and gameplay seen throughout these games, proving that Minecraft is the absolute and definitive playground, where what you can accomplish depends purely and exclusively on the user’s creativity.

This Super Mario Land recreation shows the first level of the game, exactly as it was, and even the first bonus stage. The creator wins extra points for using the appropriate music, too, in order to deliver the fullest possible experience except actually going and playing the game yourself.

Now, Tetris is another classic. Don’t think this was simpler because there are less sprites or anything of this sort, for even the gameplay section is quite long and well done.

The Link’s Awakening version was probably the hardest to recreate, as it even has bits of the opening animation, that have nothing to with how the actual game looks. Also, the maps are absolutely spot on, and even the dialog is taken verbatim from the game.

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