The Year Of Gaming 2011 [Video]

Goodbye 2011. Hello two minute video covering all the awesome games that came out all year long!

2011 In Gaming The Year Screen Cap

Another year of gaming is quickly circling the hypothetical paper-waste basket, and as we reflect back on The State of Gaming that was 2011, the prevalent theme throughout the year was certainly … Hmm, how shall I put this … games! Lots of them!

Okay, sure, you could say that for every year, but not just so for 2011, as the gaming sea was overpopulated with AAA title, after AAA title. Case in point last month, November, which had the likes of Uncharted 3, Modern Warfare 3, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and a whole lot of honorable mentions (my poor, poor Rayman Origins) in it’s cash-obliterating-into-bits arsenal.

You could even go further than that too, if you wanted to extend this 2011 gaming roll call. Geeze, anyone remember Dead Space 2? Bulletstorm? Or Yakuza 4 — for that matter? They all came out at the first half of 2011, and seemed to have walked into the dark wilderness, never to be heard of again. *Spooky noises.*

Graciously, this snappy two-minute tribute by YouTuber  does great video-montage justice to those forgotten titles, the aforementioned rest, plus other worthy hits of 2011 like The Witcher 2, Dark Souls, and Child of Eden. Thanks Malcom for the video, and as for everyone else, enjoy this Games in 2011 review!

Turning to 2012, not before you look through the 7 Biggest Tech Flops and Controversies of 2011 I hope, just what is in store for the Sony PlayStation 4? It hasn’t been announced as of yet, but no doubt it’s in the works. Which is why we’ve wisely pulled together our choices for the five PS4 rumors we wish would come true.