Stylish Rings Designed for the Distinguished Geek

If you’re tired of boring rings with boring gemstones, these beautiful and clever geek-culture rings may be what your fingers have been aching for. There are precious few rings designed with men in mind, and many include things like carbon fiber or even leather because, well, men like that stuff, right? Unfortunately, not all of us want rings that remind us of sports cars; some of us are geeks who want to show off our own hobbies. These amazing designs by Chris Myles of Ammnra Props include references to video games and other geek culture favorites, all done in a slick way that looks stylish and functional rather than gaudy and forced.

Geek Culture and Gaming Rings

There are some designed with Assassin’s Creed in mind, including one ring that has a vambrace design which can be slid back to reveal an inlaid blade design. The Apple of Eden design is also a reference to the game, less gimmicky but the gold coloring might be a bit too much for some people. Whether you’ve been a long-time fan of Daft Punk or whether you’ve only discovered them after hearing their soundtrack for Tron: Legacy, you’ve just gotta love the two rings based on the techno musicians. Designed after the iconic helmets that the two wear, they both feature beautiful retro/geometric designs along with various other details.

Probably the best-selling rings from the current collection, however, will be the ones based on the Portal series. Portal 2 featured various personality cores, which we’ve seen tributes to in this Wheatley puppet and Chris Myles’ earlier work of these mini personality cores. The four personality core rings are surprisingly stylish and work very well as rings. The “handles” may prove to be troublesome, but they’re necessary to really get the look across. It’s the “eye” and the design which goes around the band which really makes this quite a stylish ring, attention-getting but not excessively bulky or gaudy. And if you think the personality core ones look great, check out the GLaDOS design. This ring appears to be black, but features a white faceplate, along with GLaDOS’ “eye”. If you’re looking to purchase this one, however, do keep in mind that you need to order the black parts and white parts separately in order to make the ring. All the rings mentioned can be purchased from Chris Myles’ Shapeway store for between $10-$20. On his Youtube page, he notes that these rings are produced through 3D printing. Furthermore, if you want all the pretty colors, you’ll have to paint them yourself; this may prove annoying for some, but others such as tabletop/wargamers accustomed to painting miniatures may actually find that to be an added bonus.