Get Zombified!

If you have always wondered what you would look like as a zombie, but a) don’t want to pay the money for the makeup and b) don’t want to get bitten, a new artist provides a whole new opportunity.

Let’s face it friends, ever since the debut of ‘The Walking Dead,’ and the publishing of books like ‘World War Z,’ we have been zombie obsessed. We have made everything from zombie-proof cars and zombie-proof homes, to tactical weapons used to kill zombies and maps to help you find everything you would need to survive in a zombie-infested, post apocalyptic world. But here is a question many of you may have never entertained, what would you look like if you were made into a zombie? It is a reasonable question, and hey, let’s be honest, no matter how prepared this readership is for a zombie apocalypse (and I would think you guys to be more prepared than most), some of us will get bitten and turned, it is just a fact of life…or afterlife I suppose.

In comes Rob Sachetto, an artist know for providing original custom zombie portraits. Get one of yourself, you favorite pet, you and your spouse on your wedding day, or a friend who may just be a tad zombie-obsessed. (Ahem, my birthday is coming up, just so you know!)

First he starts off with a picture

Then he draws a basic outline of how the zombified person will look

A close up

Time to start coloring in

Final product…Oh, Alfred Hitchcock, you have never looked so good…or undead!

Rob has done more than 1,000 commissioned zombie portraits and is one of the only services of its kind around there. All you have to do is send in your photograph and check whether you want it in black and white or in color. Aside from portraits, Rob also does book and album covers as well as tattoo flash.

Portraits go between $160 and $180 depending on if you want a color or black-and-white portrait done. And while this may not be something you would give to your parents as a birthday gift (“Hey mom, have a picture of me…as a zombie!” “Oh honey, you really shouldn’t have, what am I going to tell my Bingo buddies?”), it is the perfect addition to a home!

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