Graffiti Art Meets Function: Dumpster Desktop Organizers

Plants have always been a source of joy and peace. A green patch, no matter how small it is, is always a pleasant sight to look at. It is soothing to the mind, soul and heart and for this very reason we all love to have plants around us. Those who can afford to have a garden and a lawn it is luxury but for those living in high rise apartments always packed away behind the doors, maintaining greenery in the vicinity is quite a difficult job. Yet we all manage to do so by planting a few plants in pots. How would it be if you could have a cool looking dumpster that could house your plants and that too fit for any location?

The Desktop Dumpsters from Steelplant are the perfect mate for your plants. Sprawled with graffiti work they give a very cool, punk style to your desk and at the same time serve as a container for your flower pot. You get to have a soothing green patch on your desk and that too in style. This eco-friendly product is the best thing that you could use for your plant as it is made from 16 gauge 25-35 percent recycled steel. It comes with a lid which again is made from waste material put to good use as it is made from either wood or plastic composite material that comes from used plastic bags and sawdust. This is a product that is serving Mother Nature is all aspects.

The dumpster comes fit with wheels that allow you to comfortably move your plant to any desired location. When empty, the dumpster weighs around eight pounds which in itself is quite a bit of weight. Along with the plant inside, it is bound to become a lot heavier hence the helpful wheels. Besides, its considerable weight does provide a solid seat for a plant pot.

Along with serving as a sitting place for plants you can also use this dumpster for other purposes like storing the stationary on your desk. It has cool funky colors and interesting bits of graffiti that give it quite an appealing look. When placed on your desk they are definitely going to be an attractive piece. Make sure everyone does not drop in to borrow your stationary time and again.

These gorgeous Desktop Dumpsters are available in varied colors and designs. Each piece is unique in itself with the art and application methods bound to undergo changes with every subsequent release. You can order one for yourself from the Steelplant website. There is a wide variety to choose from, both designed as well as mono colored.

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