Giant Lego Albert Einstein

The man who ushered in the modern era of physics has gotten an appropriately geeky tribute: a giant bust of Albert Einstein made of out of Lego bricks.The bust resides in the newly-opened Legoland Florida. It stands 20 feet tall by 10 feet wide, and took the builders about 6 months to complete. This sculpture features the man who discovered the theory of general relativity and helped America develop the nuclear bomb in greyscale. Einstein resides in the park’s Imagination Zone.

Lego Albert Einstein

It seems that with an image as iconic as Einstein’s, with his long white hair and bushy mustache, a Lego tribute to him was inevitable. The man’s name is synonymous with genius, and is a good fit for the Lego ethos. Lego has invited people to be creative with their products. If you talk to an engineer or scientist you’ll often find that fond memories of building things with those bricks played a major part in the choice of career later in life. Of course, Legos weren’t around during Einstein’s childhood, but it’s not hard to imagine him doing the same. Given that he had a childlike streak in adulthood and many geeky grown-ups still play with Lego, one can easily imagine him in old age doing the same thing.

Lego Einstein 2

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