Pimp my AT-AT: Restyled Imperial Walkers

Check out some seriously restyled Imperial Walkers that could definitely get a passing grade on a show like “Pimp My AT-AT”, if that were a real thing.

dukes of hazzard general lee at at

Are you telling me that if you had your very own Imperial AT-AT walker than you wouldn’t want to give it a custom paint job, add some mad accessories and cruise the Hoth trenches? I would.

Designed by graphic artist Steven Anderson, this is a serious case of “pimp my AT-AT”. Our source has a couple other custom, restyled AT-AT designs on their profile, but I think these three are the real winners. Here we’ve got a Mario Kart themed walker, along with the General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard and even what looks like a converted Delorian that’s ready to go back to the future on us at any moment.

back to the future at at

These images are simply awesome. AT-AT walkers definitely have an important place in pop culture, and movie geekdom. The first time I saw Star Wars V, the scene with the walkers on Hoth literally blew my mind that someone so awesome could ever be conceived. I can only imagine what it would have done to my childhood if each of those walkers showed up with their own custom paint job, mags and other accessories.

mario kart at at

I’d definitely love to see some more work from this artist, especially if he keeps up with the Star Wars and 1960s feel mashup theme.

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