Xbox Games More Advanced than Military Combat Simulators

A spokesperson for the British military recently admitted that Xbox games are now more advanced than the training simulation they offer their soldiers.

british military battlefield 3

It’s official: first person shooters have now become more realistic and in-depth than the war simulation training simulations used by some of the world’s military.

According to our source, the British Ministry of Defense recently admitted that their current war training simulation software, called Battlespace 2, pales in comparison to recent FPS titles such as Battlefield 3 in terms of realism and graphics.

The ministry reported that new recruits exposed to their training simulation quickly lost interest in the program and found fault with its dated graphics, controls and scenarios compared to the games they play in their spare time on the Xbox 360.

cod mw3

20 years ago, military training simulations were at the top-tier of quality and realism, but unfortunately military forces nowadays don’t often have the budgets needed to update their software and keep it on par with what is being offered by major gaming studios. Because the game industry is now a multi-billion dollar industry, the military can’t drop the same dollar figure amounts on software that companies like EA Games or Activision currently are.

Though army spokespeople have been quick to point out that the real goal behind the training simulations is to teach recruits lessons in team work, coordination and how to preserve ammunition and properly address situations. The realism and physics, while nice, is only secondary to the overall lessons.

It kinda makes you realize how big the gaming industry has become in recent years for this to be the case. The demands by gamers for more realistic shooters, better physics and more advanced features seems to be trumping those by the actual military.

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