The Wife/Girlfriend vs Video Game Gamer Problem

It’s hard being a gamer, or semi-gamer, and keep a relationship with someone who doesn’t really get it. I’m speaking as a man here, but I’m sure there are a few (at least) ladies out there with the same problem. If that’s the case, call me. I’m serious.

Moving on to more pressing matters, it’s the time sharing problem. It’s bad enough you have work for at least 8 hours a day, not including commuting time and the extra hours you need to put in. Having your significant other waiting at home, just waiting for you to be free from your society debts and cuddle up with her on the sofa can be, despite the fluffiness of how it sounds, quite annoying.

Yes, so you love her, so what? Taking your partner for granted is the first important thing in a healthy, long term relation ship. Our hearts wouldn’t take it if we’d actually be excited every time we’d see out girlfriend waiting on the couch in the living room. There’s a reason we don’t excited anymore, and it’s a health issue, not a I don’t give a damn one.

Video games? That’s a different matter. Lets take Football Manager for example. Almost every kid wants, or dreams to be an athlete of some sort when he grows up. Later on, running a team and making the managerial decision doesn’t sound too bad as well. No one grows up, at least early on, dreaming of the day he’ll finally be married, with kids, tied down, working 50 hours a week.

But video games keep the fantasy and the dream going. Be it being a cowboy trying to buy his freedom from the corrupt feds, like John Martson in Red Dead Redemption or an Eastern European immigrant with a few past ghosts haunting him in his new life in Liberty City. Yeah, I’m a big Rockstar fan.

Skyrim is my current operation base. Getting caught up in killing dragons while shouting weird words can quickly grow on you. Growing out? Not so easy. Just as it’s very hard realizing that the weekly schedule that assigns the house choirs between you and your girl always, always, screws you.

Then next time your boyfriend takes forever in front of the PC/XBOX/PS instead of joining you in bed for some thrilling 3 minutes of obligatory sex before you both fall asleep, just know that it’s not because he doesn’t love you. Some day these video games will not be that interesting anymore, and life will be too much of a bother to actually play them each night. Let us enjoy them while we still can.

I don’t find it really fun playing with my Significant other, but from what I hear from others who’ve given it more than one chance. It can be quite fun. Maybe it depends on the game, like this recommendation list of games to play with your girlfriend.