14 Things to Do on Valentine’s Day for Nerds (Both Single and In a Relationship)

Ready for a geeky Valentine’s Day?

Have a special someone?

1. Send a Geeky Valentine

Your geek love will be smitten if you send them a geeky valentine’s day card.

2. Give 8-bit Flower Arrangement

What better way to show your everlasting love than geeky 8-bit flowers? Available from ThinkGeek.

3. Get Engaged Using a Geeky Proposal

Hack into your lover’s heart by using their favorite video game to propose and pop the question in a ¬†memorable way.

4. Give the Gift of Jewelry …

Retro gaming jewelry, that is (including this cool Space Invaders necklace).

5. Give Zombie Candy

Mmm, brains … er, chocolate! These delicious zombie chocolate candies make a perfect treat.

6. Send Long Distance Love

With a QR code Valentine’s Day card. Bonus idea: Make the QR code go to a slideshow of your Second Life moments as a couple.

7. Head to the Park

A geeky theme park … and squeeze tight on the roller coaster rides.

Spending the day single?

8. Bake to Your Heart’s Delight

Comfort yourself with geeky human heart cupcakes.

9. [Don’t] Illegally Download Anti-Valentine Movies

Remind yourself why it’s a good thing that you’re single with movies like The Break-Up, Double Jeopardy and Kill Bill. [image source]

10. Justify Being Single

Through awesome things known as infographics, we can find out just why it’s a good thing you’re not partnered up this Valentine’s Day.

11. Surf the Web

Still not satisfied by justification of your singledom? Head to online dating sites popular in your area; just remember to be safe when dating online.

12. Party it up!

Take advantage of your much undervalued freedom by heading to your local anti-valentines party (yes, this will require stepping away from the computer for more than a bathroom break or beer run.

13. Create a second Facebook account

And change your status to “in a relationship” with your dream babe.

14. Video Game Marathon Time!

Hook up with your other single pals and play every level, from the beginning, of your favorite video game.