The GLaDOS Potato Rules Aperture & Your Living Room

One of the most recognizable icons of Portal 2 is the “GLaDOS Potato”, responsible for some of the funniest lines in the game. Fans and critics alike agree that it deserves all of our love, and we’ve seen it throughout the internet in wallpaper, drawing, and fan-art form. And now arrives a new tribute, in sculpture form. Are you ready to be surprised? Come in and see.

Papa Glados 1

This creation belongs to Harrison Krix, of whom we’ve spoken already a couple times here at Walyou. He’s responsible for works such as the Daft Punk Helmet or the Ultramarines Bolt Gun. This project in particular was thought as something special for one of his several Portal Gun creations on which he had been working at Valve’s request.

Papa Glados 2

Papa Glados 3

In order to achieve the best possible design, there’s nothing like using things from real life as inspiration… and that’s exactly what Krix did. Krix sent his wife to shop for groceries, and she came back with a couple of “GLaDOS shaped potatoes”. One can tell she’s also a big fan, if this strange request turned out fine.

Papa Glados 4

Thanks to the invaluable help of his wife and the original potato, Krix managed to mold a potato out of silicon, hollow, ready to be filled with the electronic components and lights required to resemble GLaDOS at its darkest hour. This is the point where Krix started working on polishing details.

Papa Glados 5

Papa Glados 6

Once the potato was properly shaped and the details had been put in place, Harrison decided to attach it to his design of the Portal 2 gun, like the cherry over a delicious dessert. The result is absolutely stunning thanks to the amount of detail and thought put into every single step.

Papa Glados 7

Papa Glados 8

One can tell Krix is a true fan… this job is by itself impressive, but he decided to go the extra mile and actually make the potato talk with actual lines ripped from the game. I think I just had a nerdgasm.

After this, we can’t but eagerly expect Krix’s next piece of work, for we’re sure it’s gonna be impressive.