Here Comes the Hand-Carved Homer Simpson

Who has not heard of the famous television series, The Simpsons? They are probably one of the most popular families on television. The yellow skinned large-eyed family is a household name. Most of America’s middle class families can identify with the Simpsons.

The animated series has been around for decades. Now is the time to see one of its characters in wooden form. Carved to perfection one can have no second thoughts about the identity of this character, Homer Simpson. The father Simpson has been given this three dimensional identity with the help of a piece of wood. The artistic eye of the creator saw a Simpson hidden in this piece of wood that had three bulging portions on its side. They perfectly fit into the positions of the large eyes and mouth. The only thing that was missing was the nose. A screw and a small round piece of wood did the job. Having decided upon the character the creator used his dexterity to enhance the plain log.

This Homer Simpson character has been done using the artists hand skills. It can be said without doubt that the effects achieved by hand carving is far better than what a machine could have done. Every little nuance has been paid attention to. Besides the finesse of the finished good the hand carving also adds novelty to it. No matter how hard one tries, it is impossible to create the same Homer Simpson with any other wooden piece.

Why did the creator decide to go for Homer is not known? The plain wooden piece could have been used for any other character but probably the head of family was the best choice. In fact he was the first character of the family to be created by Matt Groening. Groening had named this character after his own father Homer Groening.

This Safety Inspector of the Springfield Nuclear Plant heads a family of five – his wife and three children. The Simpsons had first appeared in April 1987 in The Tracey Ullman Show short “Good Night”. They were an instant hit. In December 1989 they got a show all to themselves on Fox. Decades have gone by but this American family is still as popular as it was in its first season. With over 500 episodes and bags full of awards the family is still doing great. Being one of the most influential and popular characters he has been an inspiration to many. Not only is he popular in America but also in foreign lands.

As a child, I used to have great fun watching The Simpsons. And this wooden sculpture looks equally great! In fact, I have also managed to do a bit of research regarding Bart Simpsons Sculpture with LED, Barta Fett and Lego Bart Simpson.

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