Modern and Creative Igloo Designs

Back in the days, if you were an Eskimo, you’ve probably have lived in a igloo. Not that i’m an igloo expect or anything, but it would probably be made out of snow/ice. Cold, right?

Igloos have come a long way since those days, and it seems that you can find a lot of modern interpretations for the traditional igloo. Whether it’s a hotel that offers its guess a unique experience or just an art display, I’m sure you are going to love the igloos designs we found for you.

Transparent Igloo

French designer Pierre-Stéphane Dumas made this slick looking transparent Igloo, he named this creation Bubbletree.

Fridge Igloo

This unique piece of art, Fridge Igloo, is presently installed in the center of Hamburg in the middle of the Gansmarkt.

Igloo Made from Books

The Igloo has been constructed after carefully stacking several books in an orderly manner. The compact dome is entirely self-supporting and the sculptural installation was constructed at MagnanMetz Gallery late last year.

Glass Igloos

This Glass Igloo is located in Kakslauttanen,Finland and is actually a hotel. All of the Igloos are made of see through glass which lets you gaze at the Northern Lights and the stars.


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