iOS App Icons For Your Walls: iPhone Wall Art

I’m sure we’ve all considered decorating our houses with something unique. Unfortunately, awesome things aren’t often the most socially acceptable, and might even literally scare off acquaintances (ever seen this life-size Predator sculpture?). Often times, there are great pieces of decor that can actually draw us closer to people, if they have similar hobbies or interests.

For example, I know I definitely feel more comfortable (and impressed) with someone who has a sweet vintage Star Wars poster or a Jay-Z poster than I would if their room was bland or filled with things I wasn’t interested in.

iPhone Paintings

You can now connect with fellow iPhone users — of which there are many — with these iPhone Paintings. Prepare to meet new friends, as well as new enemies out of your rival BlackBerry users.

These paintings actually look quite unique, especially given their conception. It’s kind of surprising that they turned out so unique, especially given that they’re often seen on a regular basis.

What I’d really love was the opportunity to create your own — so for example, either sending this company that creates it your own app icons, or actually having them send you a blank canvas where you can paint your own face or image onto.

As you can see, these paintings come in sets of 16 and actually do fit in quite nicely with the atmosphere of a modern living room. I’d love it if these were actually more interactive, and either were capable of being pushed into the wall or if they were on interactive touch screens. They’d likely be at a much higher cost if this were the case (especially with the touch screens), but I guess there’s no harm in wishful thinking, right?

There have already been quite a few number of sets that have been manufactured, and examined around the internet. I think it’s a great concept, and if you have USD $499 to blow it’s a pretty unique way to do it. I’ll be honest — I think I can find some better ways to spend the money, but if you’re an iPhone enthusiast and you’re looking for some fun and new methods of decorating your home, this could be your treasure.

If you’re interested in a more affordable product, you can have a look at the digital print variant of this collection, available at USD $275. Check out the iPhone Paintings website here. If you liked this post, have a look at these papercraft weapons — purely for decorative purposes.