REM Singer Michael Stipe Speaks in Favor of Tumblr

Tumblr had created a bit of controversy just a few days ago, when some of the fashion bigwigs complained that the blogging site overcharges for coverage and advertisements.

In fact, the issue became so controversial that Tumblr almost had to apologize to the fashion community it so depends on, for its popularity. However, things turned out to be brighter, as Michael Stipe, the lead singer of legendary alternative rock band R.E.M. spoke about Tumblr’s strengths and how ‘democratic’ the medium really is. In an interview with Creators Project, he revealed that he uses the Tumblr platform to share his side art projects, and in way contribute to the self-publishing industry that has come under criticism from various sources. He revealed that Tumblr provides the best platform for him to share his own art projects which are an extension of his personality, and nothing like the person that we see on the stage.

He maintained that his blog on Tumblr, ‘Confessions of a Michael Stipe‘ is not subject to pre-conceptions and that it certainly isn’t an image he is trying to manufacture and sell to an audience. He warns that the person on Tumblr is the real deal, and people may not be prepared to meet the real Michael Stipe yet. In the interview, Stipe mentions that he finds Tumblr simple and implies that it is probably one of the best places to showcase art, and anything that is creative and has got t do with design.

Though it comes in the nick of time, it just shows how important Tumblr is to not just the fashion industry, but also to art, music, and design fields which heavily depend on a ‘canvass’ that can be personalized. Tumblr allows that minimalism, and simplicity which makes any project, be it fashion, art or music stand out and speak for itself without any diffuse distractions. In a way, Michael Stipe’s interview helped Tumblr to soothe its recent wounds caused by caustic comments from the fashion folks. Tumblr perhaps should begin its corporate PR policy and stop being nonchalant about the way it deals with publicity, marketing and advertisements.