Kinect Graffiti Eye Candy

Lately we’ve seen a lot of people doing some cool things with the new Kinect system.  French Interaction Designer Jean-Christophe Naour has created artistic and unique graffiti art with it.  Naour has created a video documentation of the Kinect Graffiti project.  The project has been based out of Seoul, South Korea and the results are nothing but eye catching.

The thing that makes the Kinect Graffiti unique is that it uses the Microsoft Kinect camera to track motions and to sense depth.  By being able to track the motion of a person moving it then can trace the movements with different colors and effects such as pausing time.

If you have ever left the shutter open on a camera to capture light art, then the art work here will look familiar, or at least the still shots will.  Since this can track the person it can also film it and that is exactly what the documentary is.

But the coolest part is not only can it film it but it can also film it in a 3D environment.  If you’ve ever played with the Kinect then you are already familiar with what it can do.  It has the ability to sense depth.

There are games that require you to not only move up and down and side to side, but they also require you to move forward and back.  This allows the graffiti movements to be paused and rotated to see the line of movement both side to side and front to back.

It’s a truly unique form of art.  It has a world of potential and should be interesting to see where the future development will take it.

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Via: Core77