Leather Steampunk Gas Masks

The house of Bob Basset is famous for their Steampunk influenced masks made from either leather or various metals. Most of the masks are either futuristic or they are Steampunk in nature.

This time around, Bob Basset has unveiled the RP 8 Steampunk leather Gas Mask and the RP 9 Steampunk leather Gas Mask, which look rather cool.

The masks look rather hideous but also cool in their own way. These are the kind of masks that you would wear if you were lost on an alien planet filled with noxious gases and poisonous flames. These masks seem to be made from leather, and some amount of metal has been used around the eyes and the mouth.

The pipes originate at the mouth in the RP 8 Steampunk leather Gas Mask and the mouth has a flat surface. Perhaps this is to make sure that the poisonous gases are filtered through a channel of some sort of purifying passage, so that the wearer can breathe clean air.

The RP 9 Steampunk leather Gas Mask looks really bizarre as the pipes originate at the mouth but go inside the wearer’s shoulders.

Now, one can only guess what goes through these bizarre Steampunk pipes, and what the wearer could actually be breathing or consuming. Perhaps it is not meant for humans anyway, and could be meant for aliens who might have slightly different respiratory systems.

In any case, these masks surely look totally kick-ass and Steampunk lovers would certainly want to purchase these masks. They could be worn during costume parties and also kept in the house as show pieces. It is not clear how much the house of Bob Basset charges for these masks. You could also take a look at their other cool masks like the Virus Outbreak Mask, E.T. Leather Mask and the Really Crazy Steampunk Mask.