Slingshot of Mass Destruction Kills Watermelons, Coconuts

Many of us wanted a slingshot or bb gun as a kid, but a select few never grew out of that ill-advised love for primitive projectiles. The man who built this six-ball bearing sling shot is one of them.


Joerg Sprave has his own YouTube channel aptly titled “The Slingshot Channel,” which features many of his deadline homemade sling shots. We’ve covered some of his toys before, including his eight shot gattling crossbow, which packed a deadly revolving  (and somewhat automatic) punch of steel.

Nevertheless, Sprave’s latest project is the first slingshot crossbow that fires six 20mm ball bearings at once. The ball bearings reach speeds of 1200 fps destroying wooden boards, watermelons, and anything else he could manage to find in his backyard and refrigerator. Take a gander at the carnage below:

The Sling Shot of Mass Destruction is definitely the most powerful weapon he’s built yet. While we do poke fun at the hobby, you have to admit, the little boy or girl inside of you wants to try this thing out just a little bit, especially on that deadbeat printer Circa “Office Space” era at work.

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Via: Slingshot Channel