Star Wars & More Geek Salt Art

Bashir Sultani proves once again that the Force is strong within him, as he creates the portraits of Yoda and Darth Vader using only salt.

Most people don’t go further than drawing a smiley if they spill a sufficient amount of salt that permits their creativity to be put to a test. However, Bashir Sultani became famous all over the Web by making portraits of famous characters out of white and colored salt. This time Bashir Sultani tackles Yoda, Darth Vader, but he also takes a plunge into Skyrim and Batman’s world.

First of all, there is the portrait of Yoda, which took 50 minutes to make. Besides the 1-2 full shakers of fine salt, the artist also employed a sharp piece of paper. For filming and editing this and all the other videos that can be watched on his YouTube channel, Bashir used an iPhone 4 and iMovie.

The ones who want to join the Dark Side (maybe in an attempt to get free cookies?) might be more interested of the portrait of Darth Vader that the artist made. The tools involved are the same as in the previous video, but due to the increased complexity, this portrait took a bit longer to make, more precisely 60 minutes.

I used to love Morrowind while in high-school,  so seeing something from the latest chapter of The Elder Scrolls made by this artist really brought back some pleasant memories. The Skyrim character and the logo were done in 75 minutes. These also required 1-2 full shakers with fine salt that gets reused after filming each video.

Last, but not least, is the portrait of the Joker, a piece of art that I’m pretty sure even Heath Ledger would have liked. The Joker required one full shaker of fine salt and between 40 and 50 minutes to make, but the result is nothing less but impressive.

I’m overall very impressed with these, as well as his past works, and I really think all this could be taken a step further by shooting stop-motion videos with these salt characters. Of course, this would take a lot more time, so it’s understandable if Bashir Sultani is not interested about this aspect.

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