Lego Fan Builds Amazing Replica of Apollo 11 Rocket

Lego fan Ryan McNaught from Australia has built the tallest Lego model in the country – a replica of the Saturn V rocket that launched Apollo 11, which stands at 5.7 meters high.

Some would say that Legos are for kids. They’re made to stimulate children, with their bright colors and complex possibilities. But according to Australian Lego Professional Ryan McNaught, Legos can also be a hobby and a career. McNaught has constructed the largest Lego model in the country, which according to MailOnline stands at 5.7 meters high and contains a whopping 120,000 Lego bricks.

The creation is an incredibly detailed and surprisingly accurate replica of the Saturn V rocket that launched Apollo 11. Apollo 11 was the shuttle that landed the first humans, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, on the moon in 1969, and is considered the biggest accomplishment in the history of space exploration. The sculpture took McNaught 250 hours to make, and even contains Lego astronauts scattered throughout, performing their regular duties. This amazing recreation will be on display at this month’s Brickvention in Victoria.

McNaught’s story is an interesting one; a former IT professional, McNaught says that he felt that his creativity was constrained by his job, but that the creativity afforded him through Lego creations was limitless. Claiming that he simply “never grew up,” he decided to pursue what was at that point just a hobby, and McNaught is now one of only 13 certified Lego professionals in the world.

Besides making the rounds at Lego conventions, as a  “certified Lego professional,” McNaught spends his time building and selling other creations. These range from things as simple as photo frames, all the way up to interactive scale models. He has won many awards for his creations, and says that he looks forward to being able to inspire others. When he’s not creating these amazing works of art, McNaught says he loves spending time with his wife and two kids.