Reinvented Pokemon Balls Store Your Favorite Pocket Monster

I bet many Pokemon fan wish the following Poké Balls were true, but at the moment these are just Photoshop creations that look unbelievably realistic.

Australian digital artist Barry Wazzy, known as Wazzy88 on deviantart, came up with a series of Poké Balls that will surely mesmerize all the Pokemon fans out there. At the moment, his gallery, which can be seen on his deviantart profile, includes 18 such Poké Balls and several characters from the Pokemon universe. It is a known fact that the Poké Balls resemble golf balls when not in use and baseballs when active, so it is not hard to guess in which state the following balls really are.

The one in the above picture is called the Poké Ball of Mew 2. Obviously, there is a also a first ball of Mew, who is one of the Legendary Pokemons, as the fans of the game already know. What sets Mew apart from the regular Pokemons is the incredible power and… erm… the inability to reproduce through breeding. Legendary Pokemons are also known to be very difficult to capture in Poké Balls, fact that makes the above picture even better.

Barry Wazzy even brought Pokemon and Harry Potter together, by creating a ball that is called the Poké Ball of Voldemort, which is terrifyingly creepy, to say the least. However, capturing Voldemort and storing him in a Poké Ball is not necessarily a bad idea. If only Harry had seen this possibility…

The other Poké Balls listed below give a hint as to which Pokemon or what element is stored inside them:

  • Electric Type Poké Ball
  • Fire Type Poké Ball
  • Ice Type Poké Ball (I and II)
  • Legendary
  • Poké Ball
  • Poké Ball of Amaterasu (I, II and III)
  • Poké Ball of Chibiterasu
  • Poké Ball of Galaxies
  • Poké Ball of Time
  • The Golden Snitch
  • Watertype Poké Ball (I and II)

Pokemon fans who find Barry Wazzy’s creations appealing are also able to set these images as their desktop backgrounds. All of the images come in a high enough resolution to accommodate even the largest displays and can be easily downloaded from their individual pages on deviantart.

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