LEGO Game Boy & Tetris Transformers

More than meets the eye, indeed. A pair of amazing LEGO Transformers that take the shape of a Game Boy and a Tetris cartridge.

LEGO Game Boy Tetris Image 1

To the unsuspecting eye or those with vision problems, these two LEGO creations from Julius von Brunk might appear to just be a Nintendo Game Boy and a Tetris cartridge, but think again. In a flash – well, more like a couple of minutes to rearrange the parts – they become the robotic duo of Domaster and Tetrawing, who in their set of features, have a lot in common with famous microcassette Transformer, Soundwave. Old-school Soundwave, of course.

Robobird buddy Tetrawing, like his real-world gaming portable counterpart, can fit neatly into the back of Domaster, whose green-tinted monochrome LCD already has a game going it seems. Oh, but that’s not all that can be easily stowed away though. Two LEGO AA batteries are also found inside of Domaster while he/she/whatever is in Game Boy mode, and once transformed, can be used as a matching laser blaster and shoulder cannon.

LEGO Game Boy Tetris Image 2

I really love all the small details that went into this. I already mentioned Domaster’s screen showing a game of Tetris being played (so cool), but other nice tiny features like the actual Tetris sticker on Tetrawing, and the similar Game Boy-authentic ones on his larger friend, absolutely make this LEGO combination an awesome treat. I’m sure you would agree, fair reader. Unless you hate awesome things or something? If so, then I bid you good day sir! I said good day!

Julius von Brunk reportedly took around a month’s time to make both¬†Domaster and Tetrawing, which for me is impressive. Normally, I have problems building standard LEGO sets, like this one Space Shuttle set I got as birthday present when I was a little squirt, which I never found some of the pieces to, and never got finished. Ugh. Thought for Julius, his LEGO skills must be god-like if this is one of things he can make in such a short turnaround. Good job, dude!

LEGO Game Boy Tetris Image 3

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