The Coolest LEGO Minifig Giant Snowman You’ll See Today

Ah, winter! The coolest thing about the coldest season is that we get to see a form of art that doesn’t come up in any of the others: that is, the creation of snow men! And today, we bring you a kickass giant snowman inspired by the LEGO minifigs we all know and love.


We’ll be honest: we tried tracking down the creators but didn’t really find much information about them. We’d still like to point out they’re incredibly talented and good at creating snow sculptures. I mean, now I look at my own creations and feel so embarrassed … luckily no one tried to write about them on some geeky website around the web!

Source: Technabob

The fun doesn’t have to end here. There’s plenty of other sculptures you could check out a couple clicks away, and we recommend Party On! 11 Hungover Snowmen and Use The Force to Combat Heat: 16 Star Wars Snow Sculptures.