Party On! 11 Hungover Snowmen

During the holiday, it’s usually humans that have all the fun. No more, we say! Snowmen, join the party, and toast with us. This is the Drunk Snowman Collection! Check this collection of pictures where snowmen party hard and suffer the consequences, too.

Hungover Snowman

Drunk snowman 1

Our friend here seems to have had a couple too many drinks. I guess we could forgive him, it’s the holiday season, after all, and this isn’t so uncommon. As long as he doesn’t drive…

Cheery Snowman

Drunk snowman 2

This snowman can hold his drink a bit better. He looks like he’s having a great time, although we can tell he’s a bit tipsy. Happy holidays for you too, mister Snowman!

Wasted Snowmen

Drunk snowman 3

Now this is just sad. They’re definitely not gonna get any ladies if they keep getting drunk before the party actually starts. On a more serious note, we wonder how much easier or harder it is to build snowmen that are laying down on the ground?

Drunk snowman 4

Good Advice Snowman

Drunk snowman 5

This guy here is like the Good Guy Greg of snowmen. We’d love to have a beer with him, and we bet he’d make a great wingman too.

Toasting Snowman

Drunk snowman 6

The party is just getting started for our guy over here. It looks like finding enough snow to create him was also quite a task, just look at how clear the ground looks.

Hipster Snowman About to Throw Up

Drunk snowman 7

Eeeasy there, fella. Damn hipsters, it’s always the same with them. And just so everyone knows, he threw up before anyone else did.

Topless Snow-woman

Drunk snowman 8

That’s either a snow-woman or the biggest man-boobs we’ve ever seen. We’re glad she’s having a good time, though, no party is complete without our lady friends.

Snowman in Charge of the Drink

Drunk snowman 9

We can guess who is the most popular snowman at the party. Just look at that barrel!

Tragedy Snowman

Drunk snowman 10

This is a message to the snowmen society: learn to hold your alcohol or you’ll fall flat on the ground and your body will be ripped in half. We don’t want any more dead snowmen, think of your families!

Snowman Calling An End To The Party

Drunk snowman 11

We’ve had our fun, and it was all giggles, but now the snowman that owns the house has to clean everything up, and the several drunk snowmen laying around won’t make things easier for him. We hope some of them are staying here to help him.

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