Microsoft’s Rumoured 12 Days of Deals Calendar Leaks

Waiting for the dust to to settle after the Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales, offers from Microsoft’s 12 Days of Deals calendar have allegedly leaked online.

HP Envy 15 image

‘Why must all of these gadgets and technological wonders of the modern world be so expensive’, says the tech consumer who really just wants to get their hands on a new, touchscreen enabled piece of hardware, ‘because these things are of extremely high quality and those computer chips don’t pay for themselves’, replies a friend in the know. And that’s the case almost every time you, or I, or anyone else who wants to buy a brand, spanking new gadget, goes to do so. This is prevalent as ever in the post-Black Friday haze when all of the deals have ended and surplus stocks have run out. Kudos to Microsoft, then, whose 12 Days of Deals may ease the strain on our wallets, and even more praise to the person who has now leaked the offers onto the web ahead of time.

Microsoft 12 Days of Deals image

Microsoft, like many companies, release mailers and flyers to their stores to inform them about the deals, which is in part how we know about these upcoming deals at all. On the form, which you can see above, all of the deals from the 12 days are listed, with the undoubted cream of the crop being HP’s exceptional Envy 15 laptop, which runs Windows 8 and will reportedly be discounted on the 20th of December, down to $699 thanks to the Microsoft promotion, making it a great bargain for the latest in the Windows operating system. Second on the billing is GTA 5, the latest crime sandbox blockbuster from Rockstar Games, which is going for just $39.99 on the 13th of December. Too, Microsoft are offering you a chance to bolster the Xbox consoles that you’ve got with a 1-year Xbox Music Pass for $69.99 on the 15th of December, perhaps giving some even more of a reason to pick up Microsoft’s new console, the Xbox One.

What is important to note, however, is that some (if not all) of these offers are ‘doorbusters’, which effectively means that if you’re one of the first 20 people to go into a Microsoft store and pick one of the deals up, you’ll get the full discount on that product that’s available, but if you are not one of those first 20, expect to be offered the same discount but a little less steep. Nonetheless, the full list of deals is below.

  • December 9: Dell Tablet Pro 8” for $199
  • December 10: Garmin Fitness Watch for $129.99 with a $25 gift card
  • December 11: AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020 for $99
  • December 12: Fitbit Flex and Yurbuds Fitness Earbuds for $99.99 with a $25 gift card
  • December 13: Grand Theft Auto 5 for $39.99
  • December 14: Surface Pro/Surface Pro 2 and Surface RT/Surface RT 2 bundles for $50 off
  • December 15: 1-year Xbox Music Pass for $69.99
  • December 16: HP Pavilion X2 13 for $699
  • December 17: SOL Republic Headphones for $30 off
  • December 18: AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520 for $99 with a $50 app card
  • December 19: JBL Flip Bluetooth Speaker for $30 off
  • December 20: HP Envy 15 for $699

We’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: gigaom

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