Custom Arcade Stick Controllers Made from Oak

They never said that video games are green and environmental friendly. However, these custom made arcade stick controllers prove otherwise as they are made from study oak and other exotic woods instead of plastic and other non-degradable materials.

Creative Circuits has launched two custom arcade stick controllers that feature custom buttons for right and left handed people. With 15 feet worth of cable, you could be sure that you won’t miss a minute of gameplay no matter how far you prance up and down your living room.

The arcade stick controllers work with your Xbox 360, PS3 and even PC. The controllers are expected to cost between $340 and $390 and that is mostly because of all the hard work that goes into making them. The controllers also look easy on the eyes and can be great gadgets to flaunt in front of those eco-friendly friends that keep telling you that you are no good when it comes to being environmentally friendly.

The grips come from Sanwa professional Japanese arcade electronics. These could be the best gifts to purchase for your friends who love video games. You could also go ahead and take a look at the Wooden Xbox Sculpture that we had written about some time ago.