Mega Man & Sonic Team-Up In Crossover Comic Book

Two iconic heroes from the videogame world are meeting up in a new 2013 comic book series from Archie Comics.

Sonic Mega crossover Archie Comics Image 1

Next year will see a colossal videogame-related partnering for the ages, if not the bluest one we’ve ever seen. Capcom’s Mega Man and Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog will be joining forces in an upcoming 12-part Archie Comics’ series that is expected to hit wherever it is they sell comic books these days in 2013.

The pairing seems out of the wild imagination of an videogame loving 8-year-old from 1992 (…wait a minute, I think that might be me), but it’s happening alright. And it’s all thanks to both gaming starlets having their own comic book series under the Archie brand.

Sonic Mega crossover Archie Comics Image 2

Sonic’s own Archie series has been going strong since the Sega Genesis heyday of the early 90s – in fact it has over 200 issues under its collective wings–err, quills, by now – while the blue bomber’s only recently began in April of 2011. Illustrated as it would so happen, by Ian Flynn, who oh by the way also shared the same duties at one point for the blue speedster.

Ah-ha! Elementary, my dear Watson! Oh how the pieces come together one-by-one. How clever, indeed. Although, from how it sounds, these pieces have been coming together for quite the long time. Executive Director of Editorial from Archie comics, Paul Kaminski, said the following in a press release:

“We’ve been gearing up for this for years. From the moment we had Mega Man at Archie, we knew we wanted to bring Sonic and the Blue Bomber together. It’s a big budget movie featuring two of the most storied video game franchises.

This has never happened before. We’re making history here, and it’s going to knock people for a loop. This is what comics are all about – drama, fun, action and tons of surprises. Fans will not be disappointed.”

Audiences won’t be seeing this blockbuster meeting between Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog until sometime in 2013 – yep, that’s a long wait folks –  and even though I, and I’m sure gamers elsewhere, would have loved to see a videogame crossover of the same awesome caliber, this is most likely the best thing we’ll ever get. For that alone, I’m extremely grateful and wonderfully hyped. Seriously, who wouldn’t be?

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